3 Reasons Why a Boosted Post is Less Effective Than a FB Ad

boosted post is less effective

If you have at any time created and/or managed a Facebook page, you’d know where to find that ubiquitous Boost A Post button because it shows up on almost all of your page’s posts. You can easily to get started with a boosted post – all you have to do is click on that button and follow the onscreen instructions. In simply a couple of minutes you’ll have your very first Facebook advert.

On the other hand, if you need more control over the creatives you can use for your ad, as well as have more campaign objectives to choose from, you should use Facebook Ads. It’s more complicated, yes, but you get far more from Facebook Ads than simply a boosted post.

Here are three reasons why Facebook Ads are definitely more effective than a boosted post:

1. You’re not limited with a boring, old post

When boosting a post, you are limited to boosting only published posts. Because of this you need to write a post first, publish it, and only later boost it. With Facebook advertising, you have so many options to choose from – you can create dark posts which are posts that are created particularly for advertising. Dark posts don’t show up on your news feed, unlike boosted posts.

2. You have plenty of placement options where you want your ad to show up

Facebook Advertising allow you to distribute your ad not merely in the news feed but also in the right column, on Instagram, on the group Network, and more. You have a lot of options that are just not available with boosted posts. In the event that you boost your post, it will only show up on mobile and desktop news feeds.

3. You can’t schedule your boosted post.

Though you can set an end date with your boosted post, you can’t set a start date. Once you boost your post, it will start automatically. With Facebook Ads, you can set a start and end date. This means that if you are going to be away on holiday for a week or so, then you can schedule your advertising in advance.

With that being said, a boosted post does have its advantages. It can be a great way to test the waters, so to speak. You can get a taste of advertising on Facebook, but pretty soon you’d want to scale up your advertising. When you do, you will need to get up to speed with FB Ads and the Ads Manager.

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