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get your startup out of the gates

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Starting your own business can be an exciting, as well as a terrifying experience. Unless you have funding which should be a last resort in most cases, you will be strapped for cash to spend on such things as a website and online marketing. There are however a lot of resources that can help you with your new startup, and I will be discussing some of them in this series.

I’m not a business coach so what I will be talking about comes from personal experience in regards to my own skills, i.e. creating your own website and doing your own marketing. Once you have your startup off the ground, or out of the gates, and you get busier, you can then outsource those things. In other words, hire me……this is where I give you that big winning smile.

Get a Good Business Name

So, you have your idea, but you don’t have tons of money to hire experts to get it off the ground. What do you do? You become an expert in different fields yourself, or at least a pseudo-expert, just enough to get you through.

The first thing you need to do is pick your business name. If you have already done that and registered your company, don’t worry, it’s all ok. But if you haven’t, then here are some tips for you to consider.

Incidentally, some people will tell you not to worry about registering a company, others will say you need to. If you are serious about your startup and it is something you are going to work at long-term, then I would suggest registering for some simple reasons.

When I started with my internet business, which at the time was building WordPress themes and continued for several years before I chose to expand into Online Marketing, I was running it as a sole-proprietorship under the name RedGroup. It wasn’t a registered company and that was fine. There were some challenges such as not being able to get finance for a car, and other such things, so it creates a struggle which impacts how you move forward. If you are struggling in one area, that tends to spill over and it’s not an easy thing to get yourself out of.

Another reason is your brand presence. You want to start it from the very beginning. I ran RedGroup for several years and then decided to register my company. When I did that I couldn’t use the name RedGroup and had to go with something completely different. When I was filling in the form with the five possible business names my sister threw in WebLee Development. Guess what, the only name I could take out of the five was WebLee Development, so it stuck.

Do you see what I’m getting at? You don’t want to have to operate under one name for a few years and then be forced to change that name. That means that you then have to start building your brand name up from scratch again. Sure you could trade as, but personally I think that just creates more confusion.

I also had to change my Facebook Page name from RedGroup to WebLeeDev. You have no idea what a pain that is. If you do need to change your Facebook Page name to a name that doesn’t relate to the old name, here’s some advise. Change it in two sessions. They don’t like it if you go from one name to another that has no relation, so from RedGroup to WebLeeDev was rejected. How did I get around that? The sneaky way. I changed it to “Red Group Webleedev”, then waited for seven days (the period you have to wait before you can change it again) and then changed it to “Webleedev”. The system doesn’t see the change as major because it still holds the original name.

Do Some Research

Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh, picking a business name. What you want to remember is that your business name will also appear in your website URL. For this reason you want it to be SEO rich, or as SEO rich as possible.

Let’s say your startup is an office furniture company. What you want to do is perform some keyword research. Neil Patel, bless his soul, brilliant man, has a free keyword tool on his site. He actually bought it from the original creators who I think were charging for the service, added it to his site and made it free. This tool is called Ubersuggest and is absolutely marvelous.

So what we do is we go to Ubersuggest and type in “office furniture” and we see that there are 74,000 monthly searches for that keyword. Not a bad keyword so you could use that in your business name. But then under Search Volume, sort it so that it is showing the most searched keywords first.

In this case, “furniture stores” is searched 673,000 times a month, and “office supplies” is searched 201,000 times. Can you get those keywords into your business name and subsequently into your website URL? Maybe even a combination.

If you try “office furniture supplies” you only get 260 searches per month, so we want to keep the keyword phrase as is. How about “office supplies and furniture”? Well that phrase is only searched 50 times a month. However, a search for “office supplies” will give some leverage.

Finally, if your name is Benjamin then you could call your business Ben’s Office Supplies and Furniture. You could drop furniture and make it Ben’s Office Supplies and also look at supplying stationary, printers, and everything else that goes along with a well stocked office besides just the furniture.

The idea is to play around with it. Don’t get stuck in a rut because HobGoblin Wannawhos is the name you wanted. What does that even describe? Who’s gonna search for it? A pretty name is one thing, generating sales is another, and it is the latter that you need to survive, not frills and pretty panties.

So, when it comes to your very own startup and business name, be creative, but don’t just rely on that. Do your research and try to include keywords that people are searching for. After all, you want to be in demand right?

Lee is Owner of WebLeeDev (WebLee Development). He is passionate about Digital and Social Media Marketing. The aim of WebLeeDev is to provide companies with a complete internet solution, from company branding to website design and development to online advertising and lead generation.

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