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Find out how to talk to thousands of customers all at the same time without having to spend any of your own time or hiring extra staff!

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Using a Chatbot can make a massive difference to your bottom line!

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Did you know that you can place a Chatbot on your FB page? This way, you open a new communication channel with your subscribers.

Seven things you didn’t know about Chatbots that can guarantee it won´t fail…

The idea of automating and scaling one-to-one conversations using technology appeals to lots of brands and services out there.

In this process, designers play an essential role in defining how each conversation is scripted and the behaviors users can expect when interacting with bots.

But, despite the best of our intentions, due to creator error, sometimes chatbots fail to deliver user experiences that are as seamless, delightful and efficient as we envisioned them to be.

I get a lot of my clients asking me how to make sure their Chatbot will work, so here’s a list of seven mistakes to avoid and how to fix them…

Bots aren’t Intelligence – The response given by the bot depends on specific keywords identified in the user’s input, so, the programmer must anticipate all potential user inputs.

Some bots are not useful – Your robot must help the user solve a problem. It must facilitate the process of buying a product, subscribe to a service or receives extraordinary customer care.

Some bots lack transparency – Make sure to state from the beginning that the user is chatting with a robot. Setting up the right expectation upfront is crucial.

Bots have no discernment – When setting up your Chatbot, it is essential to conduct the conversation in a way that makes sense, within an established context.

Chatbot does not easily integrate with the external systems – Don’t try to recreate functionality from scratch, like for example, creating a bot to book appointments. If your Chatbot does not communicate with your existing appointment system, it will generate extra work and create lack of consistency for the user.

Do not overcomplicate things – Do not add too many resources. Invest your time in solutions that will solve a problem for your user, for example, be better served, buy the product with ease, get all the doubts answered before signing up for your service, communicate with you.

Don´t forget to give the option for human support – When technology fails, users still want to be able to rely on human beings to help them solve their problems. Always offer the option of human intervention.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get inside the course:

FB Chatobot Secrets

A step-by-step guide on how to build your own Chatbot

fb chatbot secrets

Following is the chapter outline in this course:

Also including Module 4 – Strategies

The Jaw-dropping method that will get you leads on demand!

Do you feel like you can’t get leads and reach a broader audience that may be interested in what you have to offer?

If your answer is YES, then read on…

If you want to get more leads who read your message and click on your links, you got to dump your opt-in forms.

I´ll explain…

So, you have a website with a lot of cool stuff; people are there browsing your blog or checking your products and services, you can take advantage of this and grow your subscribers base using an overlay widget that sends leads to messenger.

It works pretty much as an opt-in form like those we use to deliver a Lead magnet before capture leads to our email marketing platform, the difference here is, the subscriber will be added to your messenger base.

But it all starts with building your Chatbot!

But it gets more interesting because you can create a custom audience with any segmentation depending on user behavior and send them messages with a high level of relevancy.

Imagine… You can build audiences for people who’ve downloaded certain kind of information, but not others, or become a lead, but not a customer, or buy product A, but haven’t bought product B yet. Just about anything.

And for each segment, you can tailor your message for maximum ROI.

That’s why it’s important to know how to set and use a Chatbot tagging system.


Chatbot Secrets Cheatsheet


FB Chatbot Secrets cheatsheet

View or print this handy cheatsheet full of useful tips and resources to help you build your Chatbot.

Sequence Mindmaps


Useful mindmaps outlining sequences for different purposes. This is a set of eight mindmaps that includes:

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