Social Media Content Creation

social media content creation

When it comes to social media content creation, this process can be a bit daunting.  People who follow your Facebook page for instance want to see a personal side to you, where as you may be more inclined to just promote our business.

Ask yourself how many adverts you see daily. People are tired of being advertised to. They are constantly in your news feeds, or in your email inbox. We just see it everywhere. Media has taken over. The key to social media is to be social, so if you’re promoting product after product, or link after linked to your site, people are going to get disinterested and you will start losing fans and followers. When that happens you won’t be able to promote anything.

So what kind of content should you be looking at? Yes you can promote your business, but try to make hard sells only once a week.

If you’re posting to social media everyday then you should have a good proportion of the types of posts that you’re creating. About 60% should be unique posts, meaning content that is created by you, about you. Then about 30% can be curated posts, which would be links to other sites or shared posts from other pages, and finally 10% promotions where you push your products or services.

The curated posts are easy to come by. If you find a blog post on someone else’s site that relates to your business then create a post that links to the page. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a competitive site, just something that relates to your business. For instance, if you’re selling health products then find a blog post that may speak about how to prepare healthy meals. The products you sell may be supplements and not related to healthy meal preparation, but your followers would probably find it interesting. It’s all about engaging your fans with unique content.

You can also get more personal. You can link to blog posts you may have created on your own site but don’t make that the majority. Take a photo of your office or your desk to show a “behind the scenes” perspective. If you bought a new couch for your office then take a photo and post that. If someone is caught sleeping on the couch, even better. It adds a bit of humour.

You may be asking why your audience would be interested in this. It is because it gives you a personality, gives your business a personality, and that is what people are looking for. You can’t sell to people anymore, you need to create relationships. Once you create a relationship, you then create trust, and if people trust you they are more likely to spend their money.

Other types of content you can create would be polls or questions that engage your followers. People love quotes and to create a quote take a nice image and put the quote over the image, and then a link to your site or your logo for branding in the bottom corner. When followers share your quote, other people can see your link and it will lead them back to you. Let’s not forget infographic which are an excellent way to capture your audience, an image with valuable information. Images and a lot more engaging than text so focus on visual content.

Lee is Owner of WebLeeDev (WebLee Development). He is passionate about Digital and Social Media Marketing. The aim of WebLeeDev is to provide companies with a complete internet solution, from company branding to website design and development to online advertising and lead generation.

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