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Today I want to speak about social media content, specifically Facebook and specifically curated posts. I had a question come up, actually a couple times, and that is, why am I posting curated posts to people’s Facebook pages that’s got nothing to do with the business and it’s got nothing to do with themselves.

Now when it comes to social media content you are trying to create content that your audience will be engaged with, but it has to have value. So the example I would like to give you, let’s say cooking, you enjoy cooking, and there are two people who have written hoards of cooking books.

So you’ve got person A, and person B, and they each have a Facebook page and they are equally as good, their cook books are equally as good, and the Facebook pages are exactly the same except for the logo of course, but the cover image looks the same, the information is basically the same on each Facebook page.

But person A is just promoting and promoting and pitching and sending sales posts and just talking about themselves the whole time and about their books and they’re just constantly constantly pitching and advertising and promoting.

Then on the other hand you have person B, or Facebook Page B, who is maybe doing a promotion of their books once, maybe twice a week, but is also supplying information that is not particularly relevant to them. Maybe they are posting or linking to DIY blogs for instance, that are talking about how to organise your kitchen better, how to make a book stand for your cookbook.

They don’t sell it themselves, they don’t do it themselves, all they do is sell cook books but they’re linking out to other people’s blogs that do supply this information. Now with that valuable information, not just about their recipes and the cookbooks and everything else, but also stuff that will help you with in your kitchen, and beyond…which one would you be more likely to gravitate towards?

It’s really as simple as that.

So you don’t want to keep selling to people because we know, and everybody knows, we just get advertised to the whole time. You go through your feeds and all you see are adverts. So people don’t want to be sold to anymore, everybody is sick and tired of it and if all you’re doing is talking about yourself the whole time, it’s like sitting down with somebody who rattles on about themselves, about their problems, about their day, about this and that for hours and hours just talking about themselves, what’s going to happen? You’re going to avoid them.

So it is the same with your social media and that’s the whole thing. Just think of the name SOCIAL media. It’s social, be social. Don’t just promote yourself the whole time. Give them something interesting to actually read and something to actually cause them to want to buy your thing, because you give them more information than person A.

That’s the basis of it really.

There is another important part to curated posts. If you’re creating or posting links to other people’s blogs, what you’re probably doing is you’re finding those blogs by doing a Google search, and you’re taking blogs from the first page of Google which means that those sites are excellent with their organic search, their SEO, and that obviously means that they are active with their blog’s SEO and they go and check for backlinks.

So if you are posting, or linking to their posts on a constant basis, at some stage they are probably going to go and check all their backlinks and see who’s backlinking to them, and they might actually say, “Maybe I should actually contact to this person and speak to them. Maybe create a link to them on my site.”

So if you are doing that you might get some backlinks from some very important people. I say important in the sense that they are active with their SEO and they are obviously doing very well with their organic search results. So if someone starts searching for recipes or whatever industry you’re in, whatever it is you are doing yourself, somebody is searching for that on Google and they come across this blog. They will go to the blog and they might read a few articles and at some stage they might actually come to a link to your site or to your Facebook page, because this person has got the traction, they are seeing that you’re linking so them a lot, so they will backlink to you. It’s a give and take situation.

So there’s a lot of value to curated posts and linking to other people’s blogs, not just your own or just talking yourself all of the time. It gets annoying, so don’t do it.

Lee is Owner of WebLeeDev (WebLee Development). He is passionate about Digital and Social Media Marketing. The aim of WebLeeDev is to provide companies with a complete internet solution, from company branding to website design and development to online advertising and lead generation.

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